250 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stefan Reimer 72cd0effad dev-util/drone: version bump 1 month ago
  Stefan Reimer ed7a012f72 dev-util/drone: version bump 1.2.0 1 month ago
  Stefan Reimer ef0e9b4bd6 Add util script parsing go.mod file to create EGO_VENDOR 2 months ago
  Stefan Reimer fec37c29f6 dev-util/drone: Ebuild tuning, added ose USE flag, stripped binary, clean default config 2 months ago
  Stefan Reimer 308e324dfb Add dev-util/drone: OSS build of drone-server 2 months ago
  Stefan Reimer e754e07aa9 Add media-sound/logitechmediaserver-bin 5 months ago
  Stefan Reimer 2db0f475d3 Add libressl support for app-crypt/acme-tiny 6 months ago
  Stefan Reimer 67f72647a9 Add latest linphone, remove twinkle 9 months ago
  Stefan Reimer f81785423b More bugfix for build.sh 11 months ago
  Stefan Reimer ae1b12951a Various bug fixes for gentoo build script 11 months ago
  Stefan Reimer dd9c964d06 Remove outdated, not working anymore EVE tools 1 year ago
  Stefan Reimer 9164c6f0bd Remove outdated dev-python/twine 1 year ago
  Stefan Reimer 81403d495e net-misc/universalmediaserver: Version bump 1 year ago
  Stefan Reimer 607853cc72 media-sound/sndio: version bump 1 year ago
  Stefan Reimer acd3e8081f Remove dev-python/awscli 1 year ago
  Stefan Reimer 2c1e4b949a net-misc/universalmediaserver: Version bump 1 year ago
  Stefan Reimer 801d4205f3 Remove app-crypt/acme-tiny for upstream 1 year ago
  Stefan Reimer 53d3e8e311 Fix Manifest 1 year ago
  Stefan Reimer 2ed8feeced games-util/pyfa: Version bump, remove old versions 1 year ago
  Stefan Reimer 109087d8ee Add media-sound/cava 1 year ago
  Stefan Reimer b416455183 Remove unmaintained deadbeef 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer f04911a43c New media-sound/sndio and up2date awscli 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer f2eda76b24 net-misc/universalmediaserver: Ebuild improvements, new USE flags 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 035bf046e1 Add app-crypt/acme-tiny 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 2953e2613a Remove net-analyzer/theHarvester, use pentoo-overlay instead 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 406084ec4d net-misc/universalmediaserver: Version bump 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 64d5a4b3d7 net-misc/universalmediaserver: version bump 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 327e47e330 media-video/ffmpeg: add cuda support 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer bbd113fd13 x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers: Version bump fixing PAX as 375.26 is stable upstream 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer b640cad907 Fix defiant 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 0a711e151b Add dev-python/twine 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 9157fdec20 Update sys-power/tpc to reflect source code moved to github 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 2dac35cb01 Add alpha version of net-misc/universalmediaserver 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer b031cdbe46 Add net-voip/twinkle ebuild 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 5507950280 games-util/pyfa version bump 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer c0d01dfa00 Re-Add x11-drivers/nvidia to make work with 4.7 kernels 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer d2beffdff7 Add x11-themes/vertex-theme 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer dc03f09949 Remove unused x11-plugins/cairo-dock-plugins 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 1bdbdfc235 Remove app-admin/aws-cli 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer af32a6b13f app-admin/aws-cli version bump 2 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 16a80f989f First draft of xsecurelock 3 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 6b19c224cc Add x11-misc/i3blocks 3 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 1032a2e63b Make early end in update_portage.sh fail safe. 3 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 0d9e8c5f26 Fix update detection in update_portage.sh 3 years ago
  Stefan Reimer d8b1829787 Fix update_portage.sh 3 years ago
  Stefan Reimer ab4aafbe3d Various improvements for update_portage.sh 3 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 6ef3e17fbd Exit if no changes 3 years ago
  Stefan Reimer a75315513c Add MAKEOPTS to make_kernel 3 years ago
  Stefan Reimer 3917e57508 Remove gtkevemon and atom, unmaintained 3 years ago
  Stefan Reimer aa5010d78d app-editors/atom: Version bump 3 years ago