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Stefan Reimer bcb23ca516 Remove outdated media-sound/sndio 1 week ago
app-forensics/regripper Fix regripper ebuild EAPI, source 7 months ago
dev-perl Add dev-perl/String-Random 7 years ago
dev-util Remove unmaintained / unused ebuilds 2 years ago
metadata Add repo metadata 9 years ago
net-analyzer/dnsenum Remove net-analyzer/theHarvester, use pentoo-overlay instead 5 years ago
net-misc/universalmediaserver net-misc/universalmediaserver: version bump 3 months ago
net-wireless/rtl8821cu Add net-wireless/rtl8821cu 2 years ago
profiles Update meta-data, new pyfa 7 years ago
scripts Add sys-cluster/k3s, update go ebuild tool 2 years ago
sys-cluster/k3s sys-cluster/k3s: Version bump 2 years ago
sys-kernel/dracut sys-kernel/dracut: version bump 4 weeks ago
sys-power/tpc Update sys-power/tpc to reflect source code moved to github 5 years ago
sys-process/bpytop Add sys-process/bpytop 1 year ago
x11-misc Remove unmaintained ebuilds 10 months ago
x11-themes/vertex-theme Add x11-themes/vertex-theme 5 years ago