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Prepare Config

  • check config/kube/kube-control-plane.yaml
  • check config/kube/kube-workers.yaml

Deploy Cluster

  • cloudbender sync config/kube --multi

Get kubectl config

  • get admin.conf from S3 and store in your local ~/.kube folder
    S3 URL will also be in the Slack message after successful bootstrap !

Verify nodes

  • Verify all nodes have the expected version and are Ready, eg via: kubectl get nodes


All configs and scriptss are normally under:

Prepare Config

check values.yaml for your cluster


The first step will install all CRDs of enabled components only to prevent any dependency issues during the actual install.
./ crds all clusters/<ENV>/<REGION>

The second step will install all enabled components incl. various checks along the way.
./ apply all clusters/<ENV>/<REGION>

Success !

Access your brand new container platform via kubectl / k9s / lens or the tool of your choosing.