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KubeZero - 2.18 ( Argoless )

High level / Admin changes

  • ArgoCD is now optional and NOT required nor used during initial cluster bootstrap
  • the bootstrap process now uses the same config and templates as the optional ArgoCD applications later on
  • the bootstrap is can now be restarted at any time and considerably faster
  • the top level KubeZero config for the ArgoCD app-of-apps is now also maintained via the gitops workflow. Changes can be applied by a simple git push rather than manual scripts


  • version bump


  • local issuers are now cluster issuer to allow them being used across namespaces
  • all cert-manager resources moved into the cert-manager namespace
  • version bump to 1.10


  • set priorty class to cluster essential
  • certificates are now issued by the cluster issuer


  • version bump


  • istio operator removed, deployment migrated to helm, various cleanups
  • version bump to 1.8
  • all ingress resources are now in the dedicated new namespace istio-ingress ( deployed via separate kubezero chart istio-ingress)
  • set priorty class of ingress components to cluster essential


  • ES/Kibana version bump to 7.10
  • ECK operator is now installed on demand in logging ns
  • Custom event fields configurable via new fluent-bit chart
    e.g. clustername could be added to each event allowing easy filtering in case multiple clusters stream events into a single central ES cluster


  • version bump, new app of app architecure


  • version bump
  • all servicemonitor resources are now in the same namespaces as the respective apps to avoid deployments across multiple namespaces

upstream Kubernetes 1.18