KubeZero - ZeroDownTime Kubernetes Platform
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Version: 0.3.2 Type: application AppVersion: 4.0

KubeZero Umbrella Chart for Kiam

Homepage: https://kubezero.com


Name Email Url


Kubernetes: >= 1.18.0

Repository Name Version
https://uswitch.github.io/kiam-helm-charts/charts/ kiam 6.0.0
https://zero-down-time.github.io/kubezero/ kubezero-lib >= 0.1.3

KubeZero default configuration

We run agents on the controllers as well, so we force eg. ebs csi controllers and others to assume roles etc. This means we need to run kiam containers on the controllers using hostnetwork: true. Therefore we also change the default port from 443 to 6444 to not collide with the potential api-server port on the controllers. Make sure any firewall rules between controllers and workers are adjusted accordingly.

Kiam Certificates

The required certificates for Kiam server and agents are provided by a local cert-manager, which is configured to have a cluster local self-signing CA as part of the KubeZero platform. Kiam TLS Config KubeZero cert-manager

Metadata restrictions

Some services require access to some basic AWS information. One example is the aws-ebs-csi controller. By default all access to the meta-data service is blocked, expect for:

  • /latest/meta-data/instance-id
  • /latest/dynamic/instance-identity/document


Key Type Default Description
annotateKubeSystemNameSpace bool false
kiam.agent.allowRouteRegexp string `"^/latest/(meta-data/instance-id dynamic)"`
kiam.agent.gatewayTimeoutCreation string "5s"
kiam.agent.host.interface string "cali+"
kiam.agent.host.iptables bool false
kiam.agent.log.level string "info"
kiam.agent.priorityClassName string "system-node-critical"
kiam.agent.prometheus.servicemonitor.enabled bool false
kiam.agent.prometheus.servicemonitor.interval string "30s"
kiam.agent.prometheus.servicemonitor.labels.release string "metrics"
kiam.agent.resources.limits.memory string "20Mi"
kiam.agent.resources.requests.cpu string "50m"
kiam.agent.resources.requests.memory string "20Mi"
kiam.agent.sslCertHostPath string "/etc/ssl/certs"
kiam.agent.tlsCerts.caFileName string "ca.crt"
kiam.agent.tlsCerts.certFileName string "tls.crt"
kiam.agent.tlsCerts.keyFileName string "tls.key"
kiam.agent.tlsSecret string "kiam-agent-tls"
kiam.agent.tolerations[0].effect string "NoSchedule"
kiam.agent.tolerations[0].key string "node-role.kubernetes.io/master"
kiam.agent.updateStrategy string "RollingUpdate"
kiam.enabled bool true
kiam.server.assumeRoleArn string "" kiam server IAM role to assume, required as we run the agents next to the servers normally, eg. arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/kiam-server-role
kiam.server.deployment.enabled bool true
kiam.server.deployment.replicas int 1
kiam.server.log.level string "info"
kiam.server.nodeSelector."node-role.kubernetes.io/master" string ""
kiam.server.priorityClassName string "system-cluster-critical"
kiam.server.prometheus.servicemonitor.enabled bool false
kiam.server.prometheus.servicemonitor.interval string "30s"
kiam.server.prometheus.servicemonitor.labels.release string "metrics"
kiam.server.resources.limits.memory string "100Mi"
kiam.server.resources.requests.cpu string "50m"
kiam.server.resources.requests.memory string "50Mi"
kiam.server.service.port int 6444
kiam.server.service.targetPort int 6444
kiam.server.sslCertHostPath string "/etc/ssl/certs"
kiam.server.tlsCerts.caFileName string "ca.crt"
kiam.server.tlsCerts.certFileName string "tls.crt"
kiam.server.tlsCerts.keyFileName string "tls.key"
kiam.server.tlsSecret string "kiam-server-tls"
kiam.server.tolerations[0].effect string "NoSchedule"
kiam.server.tolerations[0].key string "node-role.kubernetes.io/master"
kiam.server.updateStrategy string "RollingUpdate"
kiam.server.useHostNetwork bool true


  • Verify iptables rules on hosts to be set by the kiam agent: iptables -L -t nat -n --line-numbers iptables -t nat -D PREROUTING <wrong rule>