KubeZero - ZeroDownTime Kubernetes Platform
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Version: 0.4.1 Type: application AppVersion: 1.2.1

KubeZero Umbrella Chart for complete EFK stack

Homepage: https://kubezero.com


Name Email Url


Kubernetes: >= 1.16.0

Repository Name Version
https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com/ fluentd 2.5.1
https://zero-down-time.github.io/kubezero/ fluent-bit 0.7.2
https://zero-down-time.github.io/kubezero/ kubezero-lib >= 0.1.3

Changes from upstream


  • Operator mapped to controller nodes


  • SSL disabled ( Todo: provide cluster certs and setup Kibana/Fluentd to use https incl. client certs )

  • Installed Plugins:

    • repository-s3
    • elasticsearch-prometheus-exporter
  • Cross AZ Zone awareness is implemented via nodeSets


  • increased timeout to ES to 3 minutes



  • support for dedot Lua filter to replace “.” with “_” for all annotations and labels
  • support for api audit log

Manual tasks ATM

  • install index template
  • setup Kibana
  • create logstash-* Index Pattern


Key Type Default Description
elastic_password string ""
es.nodeSets list []
es.prometheus bool false
es.s3Snapshot.enabled bool false
es.s3Snapshot.iamrole string ""
fluent-bit.config.customParsers string "[PARSER]\n Name cri-log\n Format regex\n Regex ^(?<time>[^ ]+) (?<stream>stdout|stderr) (?<logtag>[^ ]*) (?<log>.*)$\n Time_Key time\n Time_Format %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%L%z\n"
fluent-bit.config.filters string "[FILTER]\n Name lua\n Match cri.*\n script /fluent-bit/etc/functions.lua\n call reassemble_cri_logs\n\n[FILTER]\n Name kubernetes\n Match cri.*\n Merge_Log On\n Merge_Log_Key kube\n Kube_Tag_Prefix cri.var.log.containers.\n Keep_Log Off\n K8S-Logging.Parser Off\n K8S-Logging.Exclude Off\n\n[FILTER]\n Name rewrite_tag\n Match cri.*\n Emitter_Name kube_tag_rewriter\n Rule logtag F kube.$kubernetes['namespace_name'].$kubernetes['container_name'] false\n\n[FILTER]\n Name lua\n Match kube.*\n script /fluent-bit/etc/functions.lua\n call nest_k8s_ns\n"
fluent-bit.config.inputs string "[INPUT]\n Name tail\n Path /var/log/containers/*.log\n Parser cri-log\n Tag cri.*\n Mem_Buf_Limit 16MB\n Skip_Long_Lines On\n Refresh_Interval 10\n DB /var/log/flb_kube.db\n DB.Sync Normal\n"
fluent-bit.config.lua string "local reassemble_state = {}\n\nfunction reassemble_cri_logs(tag, timestamp, record)\n local reassemble_key = tag\n if record.logtag == 'P' then\n reassemble_state[reassemble_key] = reassemble_state[reassemble_key] or \"\" .. record.log\n return -1, 0, 0\n end\n record.log = reassemble_state[reassemble_key] or \"\" .. (record.log or \"\")\n reassemble_state[reassemble_key] = nil\n return 1, timestamp, record\nend\n\nfunction nest_k8s_ns(tag, timestamp, record)\n if not record['kubernetes']['namespace_name'] then\n return 0, 0, 0\n end\n new_record = {}\n for key, val in pairs(record) do\n if key == 'kube' then\n new_record[key] = {}\n new_record[key][record['kubernetes']['namespace_name']] = record[key]\n else\n new_record[key] = record[key]\n end\n end\n return 1, timestamp, new_record\nend\n"
fluent-bit.config.outputs string "[OUTPUT]\n Match *\n Name forward\n Host logging-fluentd\n Port 24224\n Shared_Key cloudbender\n Send_options true\n Require_ack_response true\n"
fluent-bit.config.service string "[SERVICE]\n Flush 1\n Daemon Off\n Log_Level warn\n Parsers_File parsers.conf\n Parsers_File custom_parsers.conf\n HTTP_Server On\n HTTP_Listen\n HTTP_Port 2020\n"
fluent-bit.enabled bool false
fluent-bit.serviceMonitor.enabled bool true
fluent-bit.serviceMonitor.namespace string "monitoring"
fluent-bit.serviceMonitor.selector.release string "metrics"
fluent-bit.test.enabled bool false
fluent-bit.tolerations[0].effect string "NoSchedule"
fluent-bit.tolerations[0].key string "node-role.kubernetes.io/master"
fluentd.configMaps.“filter.conf” string "<filter disabled.kube.**>\n @type parser\n key_name message\n remove_key_name_field true\n reserve_data true\n reserve_time true\n # inject_key_prefix message_json.\n emit_invalid_record_to_error false\n <parse>\n @type json\n </parse>\n</filter>\n"
fluentd.configMaps.“forward-input.conf” string "<source>\n @type forward\n port 24224\n bind\n skip_invalid_event true\n send_keepalive_packet true\n <security>\n self_hostname \"#{ENV['HOSTNAME']}\"\n shared_key \"#{ENV['FLUENTD_SHARED_KEY']}\"\n </security>\n</source>\n"
fluentd.configMaps.“general.conf” string "<label @FLUENT_LOG>\n <match **>\n @type null\n </match>\n</label>\n<source>\n @type http\n port 9880\n bind\n keepalive_timeout 30\n</source>\n<source>\n @type monitor_agent\n bind\n port 24220\n tag fluentd.monitor.metrics\n</source>\n"
fluentd.configMaps.“output.conf” string "<match **>\n @id elasticsearch\n @type elasticsearch\n @log_level info\n include_tag_key true\n id_key id\n remove_keys id\n\n # KubeZero pipeline incl. GeoIP etc.\n # pipeline fluentd\n\n host \"#{ENV['OUTPUT_HOST']}\"\n port \"#{ENV['OUTPUT_PORT']}\"\n scheme \"#{ENV['OUTPUT_SCHEME']}\"\n ssl_version \"#{ENV['OUTPUT_SSL_VERSION']}\"\n ssl_verify \"#{ENV['OUTPUT_SSL_VERIFY']}\"\n user \"#{ENV['OUTPUT_USER']}\"\n password \"#{ENV['OUTPUT_PASSWORD']}\"\n\n log_es_400_reason\n logstash_format true\n reconnect_on_error true\n # reload_on_failure true\n request_timeout 15s\n suppress_type_name true\n\n <buffer tag>\n @type file_single\n path /var/log/fluentd-buffers/kubernetes.system.buffer\n flush_mode interval\n flush_thread_count 2\n flush_interval 30s\n flush_at_shutdown true\n retry_type exponential_backoff\n retry_timeout 60m\n overflow_action drop_oldest_chunk\n </buffer>\n</match>\n"
fluentd.enabled bool false
fluentd.env.OUTPUT_SSL_VERIFY string "false"
fluentd.env.OUTPUT_USER string "elastic"
fluentd.extraEnvVars[0].name string "OUTPUT_PASSWORD"
fluentd.extraEnvVars[0].valueFrom.secretKeyRef.key string "elastic"
fluentd.extraEnvVars[0].valueFrom.secretKeyRef.name string "logging-es-elastic-user"
fluentd.extraEnvVars[1].name string "FLUENTD_SHARED_KEY"
fluentd.extraEnvVars[1].valueFrom.secretKeyRef.key string "shared_key"
fluentd.extraEnvVars[1].valueFrom.secretKeyRef.name string "logging-fluentd-secret"
fluentd.image.repository string "quay.io/fluentd_elasticsearch/fluentd"
fluentd.image.tag string "v2.9.0"
fluentd.istio.enabled bool false
fluentd.metrics.enabled bool false
fluentd.metrics.serviceMonitor.additionalLabels.release string "metrics"
fluentd.metrics.serviceMonitor.enabled bool true
fluentd.metrics.serviceMonitor.namespace string "monitoring"
fluentd.output.host string "logging-es-http"
fluentd.plugins.enabled bool false
fluentd.plugins.pluginsList string nil
fluentd.replicaCount int 2
fluentd.service.ports[0].containerPort int 24224
fluentd.service.ports[0].name string "tcp-forward"
fluentd.service.ports[0].protocol string "TCP"
fluentd.service.ports[1].containerPort int 9880
fluentd.service.ports[1].name string "http-fluentd"
fluentd.service.ports[1].protocol string "TCP"
fluentd.shared_key string "cloudbender"
kibana.count int 1
kibana.istio.enabled bool false
kibana.istio.gateway string "istio-system/ingressgateway"
kibana.istio.url string ""
version string "7.8.1"