KubeZero - ZeroDownTime Kubernetes Platform
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Version: 0.4.0 Type: application

KubeZero Umbrella Chart for cert-manager

Homepage: https://kubezero.com


Name Email Url


Kubernetes: >= 1.16.0

Repository Name Version
https://charts.jetstack.io cert-manager 1.0.3
https://zero-down-time.github.io/kubezero/ kubezero-lib >= 0.1.3

AWS - IAM Role

If you use kiam or kube2iam and restrict access on nodes running cert-manager please adjust:

  iam.amazonaws.com/role: <ROLE>

Resolver Secrets

If your resolvers need additional sercrets like CloudFlare API tokens etc. make sure to provide these secrets separatly matching your defined issuers.


Key Type Default Description
cert-manager.cainjector.nodeSelector.“node-role.kubernetes.io/master” string ""
cert-manager.cainjector.tolerations[0].effect string "NoSchedule"
cert-manager.cainjector.tolerations[0].key string "node-role.kubernetes.io/master"
cert-manager.extraArgs[0] string "--dns01-recursive-nameservers-only"
cert-manager.ingressShim.defaultIssuerKind string "ClusterIssuer"
cert-manager.ingressShim.defaultIssuerName string "letsencrypt-dns-prod"
cert-manager.installCRDs bool true
cert-manager.nodeSelector.“node-role.kubernetes.io/master” string ""
cert-manager.podAnnotations object {} “iam.amazonaws.com/roleIAM:” role ARN the cert-manager might use via kiam eg.“arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/certManagerRoleArn”
cert-manager.prometheus.servicemonitor.enabled bool false
cert-manager.tolerations[0].effect string "NoSchedule"
cert-manager.tolerations[0].key string "node-role.kubernetes.io/master"
cert-manager.webhook.nodeSelector.“node-role.kubernetes.io/master” string ""
cert-manager.webhook.tolerations[0].effect string "NoSchedule"
cert-manager.webhook.tolerations[0].key string "node-role.kubernetes.io/master"
clusterIssuer object {}
localCA.enabled bool true
localCA.selfsigning bool true