KubeZero - ZeroDownTime Kubernetes Platform
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Version: 0.6.0

KubeZero ArgoCD Helm chart to install ArgoCD itself and the KubeZero ArgoCD Application

Homepage: https://kubezero.com


Name Email Url


Kubernetes: >= 1.17.0

Repository Name Version
https://argoproj.github.io/argo-helm argo-cd 2.9.3
https://zero-down-time.github.io/kubezero/ kubezero-lib >= 0.1.3


Key Type Default Description
argo-cd.controller.args.appResyncPeriod string "300"
argo-cd.controller.args.operationProcessors string "4"
argo-cd.controller.args.statusProcessors string "8"
argo-cd.controller.logFormat string "json"
argo-cd.controller.metrics.enabled bool false
argo-cd.controller.metrics.serviceMonitor.additionalLabels.release string "metrics"
argo-cd.controller.metrics.serviceMonitor.enabled bool true
argo-cd.controller.metrics.serviceMonitor.namespace string "monitoring"
argo-cd.controller.resources.requests.cpu string "100m"
argo-cd.controller.resources.requests.memory string "256Mi"
argo-cd.dex.enabled bool false
argo-cd.global.image.tag string "v1.7.8"
argo-cd.installCRDs bool false
argo-cd.istio.enabled bool false Deploy Istio VirtualService to expose ArgoCD
argo-cd.istio.gateway string "istio-system/ingressgateway" Name of the Istio gateway to add the VirtualService to
argo-cd.istio.ipBlocks list []
argo-cd.repoServer.logFormat string "json"
argo-cd.repoServer.metrics.enabled bool false
argo-cd.repoServer.metrics.serviceMonitor.additionalLabels.release string "metrics"
argo-cd.repoServer.metrics.serviceMonitor.enabled bool true
argo-cd.repoServer.metrics.serviceMonitor.namespace string "monitoring"
argo-cd.server.config.“resource.customizations” string "cert-manager.io/Certificate:\n # Lua script for customizing the health status assessment\n health.lua: |\n hs = {}\n if obj.status ~= nil then\n if obj.status.conditions ~= nil then\n for i, condition in ipairs(obj.status.conditions) do\n if condition.type == \"Ready\" and condition.status == \"False\" then\n hs.status = \"Degraded\"\n hs.message = condition.message\n return hs\n end\n if condition.type == \"Ready\" and condition.status == \"True\" then\n hs.status = \"Healthy\"\n hs.message = condition.message\n return hs\n end\n end\n end\n end\n hs.status = \"Progressing\"\n hs.message = \"Waiting for certificate\"\n return hs\n"
argo-cd.server.config.url string "argocd.example.com" ArgoCD hostname to be exposed via Istio
argo-cd.server.extraArgs[0] string "--insecure"
argo-cd.server.logFormat string "json"
argo-cd.server.metrics.enabled bool false
argo-cd.server.metrics.serviceMonitor.additionalLabels.release string "metrics"
argo-cd.server.metrics.serviceMonitor.enabled bool true
argo-cd.server.metrics.serviceMonitor.namespace string "monitoring"
argo-cd.server.service.servicePortHttpsName string "grpc"
kubezero.global.defaultDestination object {"server":"https://kubernetes.default.svc"} Destination cluster
kubezero.global.defaultSource.pathPrefix string "" optional path prefix within repoURL to support eg. remote subtrees
kubezero.global.defaultSource.repoURL string "https://github.com/zero-down-time/kubezero" default repository for argocd applications
kubezero.global.defaultSource.targetRevision string "HEAD" default tracking of repoURL