KubeZero - ZeroDownTime Kubernetes Platform
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Version: 0.1.1 Type: application AppVersion: 0.104.0

Chart for deploying a ClamavD on kubernetes as statfulSet

Homepage: https://kubezero.com


Name Email Url


Kubernetes: >= 1.18.0

Repository Name Version
https://cdn.zero-downtime.net/charts/ kubezero-lib >= 0.1.4


Key Type Default Description
clamav.freshclam.mirrors string "database.clamav.net" A list of clamav mirrors to be used by the clamav service
clamav.image string "clamav/clamav" The clamav docker image
clamav.limits.connectionQueueLength int 100 Maximum length the queue of pending connections may grow to
clamav.limits.fileSize int 20 The largest file size scanable by clamav, in MB
clamav.limits.maxThreads int 4 Maximum number of threads running at the same time.
clamav.limits.scanSize int 100 The largest scan size permitted in clamav, in MB
clamav.limits.sendBufTimeout int 500
clamav.replicaCount int 1
clamav.resources object {"requests":{"cpu":"300m","memory":"1300M"}} The resource requests and limits for the clamav service
clamav.version string "unstable" The clamav docker image version - defaults to .Chart.appVersion
fullnameOverride string "" override the full name of the clamav chart
nameOverride string "" override the name of the clamav chart
service.port int 3310 The port to be used by the clamav service

Autogenerated from chart metadata using helm-docs v1.11.0