KubeZero - ZeroDownTime Kubernetes Platform
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Stefan Reimer 8a8c4fbe66 Prometheus-stack version bump 21 hours ago
kubeadm Fix kubelet config 4 days ago
kubezero Version bump for aws-ebs-csi and kiam, ES bugfix bump, fluentd tuning 1 month ago
kubezero-argocd Version bump of ArgoCD required for Kube > 1.18 latest charts 3 days ago
kubezero-aws-ebs-csi-driver Minor version bump of aws-ebs-csi-driver to update livenessprobe 1 day ago
kubezero-aws-efs-csi-driver Reduce loglevel for efs driver 2 days ago
kubezero-calico Update of various components, new aroless bootstrap working 3 months ago
kubezero-cert-manager Version bump cert-manager 4 days ago
kubezero-istio Upgrade Istio to 1.9 1 day ago
kubezero-istio-ingress Fix gateway protocol 1 day ago
kubezero-kiam Version bump for aws-efs-csi-driver, use upstream helm chart 2 days ago
kubezero-lib Add fluent-bit support to kuberzero-logging, istio fixes 6 months ago
kubezero-local-path-provisioner ArgoCd naming fixes 2 months ago
kubezero-local-volume-provisioner Updated helm-docs, fluentd SSL handled by Istio, ES&Istio tuning 4 months ago
kubezero-logging Further tuning of fluentd throughput 4 days ago
kubezero-metrics Prometheus-stack version bump 21 hours ago
kubezero-redis ECK fixes for Kube 1.18, Redis cluster support incl. Enyoy proxy 2 months ago