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# Parse version from latest git semver tag
BRANCH := $(shell git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD 2>/dev/null)
GIT_TAG=$(shell git describe --tags --match v*.*.* 2>/dev/null || git rev-parse --short HEAD 2>/dev/null)
TAG ?= $(shell echo $(GIT_TAG) | awk -F '-' '{ print $$1 "-" $$2 }' | sed -e 's/-$$//')
ARCH := amd64
ALL_ARCHS := amd64 arm64
# EXTRA_TAGS supposed to be set at the caller, eg. $(shell echo $(TAG) | awk -F '.' '{ print $$1 "." $$2 }')
ifneq ($(TRIVY_REMOTE),)
.SILENT: ; # no need for @
.ONESHELL: ; # recipes execute in same shell
.NOTPARALLEL: ; # wait for this target to finish
.EXPORT_ALL_VARIABLES: ; # send all vars to shell
.PHONY: all # All targets are accessible for user
.DEFAULT: help # Running Make will run the help target
help: ## Show Help
grep -E '^[a-zA-Z_-]+:.*?## .*$$' .ci/ | awk 'BEGIN {FS = ":.*?## "}; {printf "\033[36m%-30s\033[0m %s\n", $$1, $$2}'
build: ## Build the app
buildah build --rm --layers -t $(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH) --build-arg TAG=$(TAG) --build-arg ARCH=$(ARCH) --platform linux/$(ARCH) .
test: rm-test-image ## Execute Dockerfile.test
test -f Dockerfile.test && \
{ buildah build --rm --layers -t $(REGISTRY)/$(IMAGE):$(TAG)-test --from=$(REGISTRY)/$(IMAGE):$(TAG) -f Dockerfile.test --platform linux/$(ARCH) . && \
podman run --rm --env-host -t $(REGISTRY)/$(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH)-test; } || \
echo "No Dockerfile.test found, skipping test"
scan: ## Scan image using trivy
echo "Scanning $(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH) using Trivy $(TRIVY_REMOTE)"
trivy image $(TRIVY_OPTS) localhost/$(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH)
# first tag and push all actual images
# create new manifest for each tag and add all available TAG-ARCH before pushing
push: ecr-login ## push images to registry
for t in $(TAG) latest $(EXTRA_TAGS); do \
buildah tag $(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH) $(REGISTRY)/$(IMAGE):$${t}-$(ARCH); \
buildah manifest rm $(IMAGE):$$t || true; \
buildah manifest create $(IMAGE):$$t; \
for a in $(ALL_ARCHS); do \
buildah manifest add $(IMAGE):$$t $(REGISTRY)/$(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$$a; \
done; \
buildah manifest push --all $(IMAGE):$$t docker://$(REGISTRY)/$(IMAGE):$$t; \
ecr-login: ## log into AWS ECR public
aws ecr-public get-login-password --region $(REGION) | podman login --username AWS --password-stdin $(REGISTRY)
clean: rm-test-image rm-image ## delete local built container and test images
rm-remote-untagged: ## delete all remote untagged images
echo "Removing all untagged images from $(IMAGE) in $(REGION)"
IMAGE_IDS=$$(for image in $$(aws ecr-public describe-images --repository-name $(IMAGE) --region $(REGION) --output json | jq -r '.imageDetails[] | select(.imageTags | not ).imageDigest'); do echo -n "imageDigest=$$image "; done) ; \
[ -n "$$IMAGE_IDS" ] && aws ecr-public batch-delete-image --repository-name $(IMAGE) --region $(REGION) --image-ids $$IMAGE_IDS || echo "No image to remove"
test -z "$$(docker image ls -q $(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH))" || podman image rm -f $(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH) > /dev/null
test -z "$$(docker image ls -q $(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH))" || echo "Error: Removing image failed"
# Ensure we run the tests by removing any previous runs
test -z "$$(docker image ls -q $(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH)-test)" || podman image rm -f $(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH)-test > /dev/null
test -z "$$(docker image ls -q $(IMAGE):$(TAG)-$(ARCH)-test)" || echo "Error: Removing test image failed"
ci-pull-upstream: ## pull latest shared .ci subtree
git stash && git subtree pull --prefix .ci ssh:// master --squash && git stash pop
create-repo: ## create new AWS ECR public repository
aws ecr-public create-repository --repository-name $(IMAGE) --region $(REGION)