Release v1.25 #52

quark merged 35 commits from v1.25 into master 2 weeks ago
quark commented 2 weeks ago
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quark added 34 commits 2 weeks ago
f1ad018695 Squashed '.ci/' changes from 8fb40c7..63421d1
63421d1 fix: prevent branch_name equals tag
47140c2 feat: append branch into tags if not main
4b62ada chore: improve messaging
a49cc0c chore: improve messaging
194afb4 chore: get ci working again
8ec9769 chore: get ci working again
fef4968 fix: do NOT push PRs to registry, other fixes
50a6d67 feat: ensure ARCH is only set to defined values

git-subtree-dir: .ci
git-subtree-split: 63421d1fab0d2546de343697cbd1424914db6c31
855bd9aece Squashed '.ci/' changes from 63421d1..a5875db
a5875db Make EXTRA_TAGS work again

git-subtree-dir: .ci
git-subtree-split: a5875db03eff65f381ae1abc44acd5fb34c92c06
5aaf6c7537 Squashed '.ci/' changes from a5875db..aea1ccc
aea1ccc Only add branch name to tags, if not part of actual tag

git-subtree-dir: .ci
git-subtree-split: aea1cccfff35de2ef2eca138379a599c8bde39e0
quark added 1 commit 2 weeks ago
quark merged commit 5bcf945213 into master 2 weeks ago
The pull request has been merged as 5bcf945213.
You can also view command line instructions.

Step 1:

From your project repository, check out a new branch and test the changes.
git checkout -b v1.25 master
git pull origin v1.25

Step 2:

Merge the changes and update on Gitea.
git checkout master
git merge --no-ff v1.25
git push origin master
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