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- AppArmor is now available and enabled on all controller and worker nodes
- all KubeZero AMIs and containers updated to latest Alpine 3.17
- improved worker initialization, ensure cilium is running before any other pod
- metrics and Grafana dashboards added for Cilium agents and operator
- metrics and Grafana dashboards added for Cilium agents, operator and cri-o
- metrics for any EC2 instances added, eg. node_exporter metrics from bastion and NAT instances, incl. support for cross region scraping
## Version upgrades
- cilium 1.13
@ -40,7 +41,6 @@ Ensure your Kube context points to the correct cluster !
4. Review the kubezero-config and if all looks good commit the ArgoApp resouce for Kubezero via regular git
git add / commit / push `<cluster/env/kubezero/application.yaml>`
*DO NOT yet re-enable ArgoCD before all pre v1.24 workers have been replaced !!!*
5. Reboot controller(s) one by one
Wait each time for controller to join and all pods running.