Toolset to render and manage AWS CloudFormation ( )
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  • Remove tox dependency during build
  • Introduce support
  • Makefile cleanup


  • Automatic dependency resolution to artifacts referred to by StackRef or FortyTwo


  • new custom Jinja function sub, works the same as re.sub
  • added possibility to use custom Jinja function inline_yaml to set data as yaml
  • disabled SilentUndefined
  • added Jinja2 extension do and loopcontrols
  • new custom Jinja function option to access options at render time incl. default support for nested objects
  • removed custom Jinja functions around old remote Ref handling


  • silence warnings by latest PyYaml 5.1


  • add sync command combining render and provision into one task
  • make cb (boolean) available in Jinja context to allow easy toggle for features relying on cloudbender in templates


  • support for environment variables in any config file
    Example: profile: {{ env.AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE }}
  • support for jinja {% do %} extension
  • support for inline yaml style complex data definitions, via custom jinja filter yaml
  • missing variables now cause warnings, but rendering continues with ''