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# Install
# Installation
## 1a. Containerized
## Containerized
The command below tests the ability to run containers within containers on your local setup.
( This most likely only works on a recent Linux box/VM, which is capable of running rootless containers within containers.
Requires kernel >= 5.12, Cgroups V2, podman, ... )
@ -19,11 +20,19 @@ Requires kernel >= 5.12, Cgroups V2, podman, ... )
podman run --rm -v .:/workspace -v $HOME/.aws/config:/workspace/.aws/config podman run -q --rm echo "Rootless container inception works!"
## Local install
1. ```pip3 install cloudbender```
2. ```curl -fsSL | sh``` (official [Docs](
3. install either `podman` or `docker` depending on your platform
if you get `Rootless container inception works!`, add an alias to your environment, eg:
alias cloudbender="podman run --rm -v .:/workspace -v $HOME/.aws/config:/home/cloudbender/.aws/config cloudbender"
and proceed with step 2)
## 1b. Local install
- `pip3 install -U cloudbender`
- `curl -fsSL | sh` (official [Docs](
- either `podman` or `docker` depending on your platform
## 2. Test cli
To verify that all pieces are in place run:
cloudbender version